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Having a Firewall protecting your networking, systems and data is not just recommended but a must.  How do you select the correct Firewall to protect your business? Select a firewall that is designed for business, not personal use.  The Firewall you have at home is not appropriate for business use. Good firewalls are costly.  For a small business it can start around $500 and up.  Typical firewalls for a small business will run around the $1000 mark when all is said and done. Pick from a top brand like Check Point, Cisco or Dell SonicWALL. Business level firewalls require to Read more
Offsite Backup or remote backup service, also known as electronic vaulting or e-vaulting is a method of transferring your data electronically over the internet to a remote site that maintains the backup. Most businesses now days maintain some type of backup and it is extremely important that they do so. The question is which type of backup: local or Offsite Backup? The answer to this is simple. If your office has the bandwidth availability then yes to both local and Offsite. At System Architects we always recommend Offsite Backup to our clients and the best approach is a Hybrid Backup. Read more
We often get asked, “What IT services or products should my business invest in?”. To answer this without knowing the type, size and complexity of your business is complicated and somewhat a shot in the dark.  However, a few key IT services and products that bring tangible business value to all types of business are: IT Services and Products Offsite Backup. This IT service is a must in today’s business environment. Using tapes or other types of backup solutions are fast becoming obsolete, and cumbersome. Firewall.  Firewalls you get from the local computer store for your home is not suited Read more
Virtual Private Cloud is a type of cloud hosting that provides your business the benefits of the cloud, but gives you the flexibility to configure a custom tailored solution for your business needs.  In addition your Virtual Private Cloud is in an isolated environment with greater security and less headaches. Virtual Private Cloud allows for a wide range of customization. For example, you can select the hardware (CPU, RAM, disk space), the operating systems (OS) and the business application you need to run such as Microsoft’s SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint or simply a file server.  Also, the choice is yours Read more
Today’s IT managers must always be on the lookout for the latest technologies that allow businesses to run with fewer resources while providing the infrastructure to meet today and future customer needs. Virtualization addresses this need and provides a balanced solution to a complex problem, whether it’s for a small business or a large enterprise. Some advantages virtualization can provide are: Extend the life of older applications Reduce labour required to manage the servers Assist in moving to the cloud Increase uptime Improve disaster recovery Isolate applications Save energy, go green Reduce your data center footprint to save costs Reduce Read more
How to pick a Managed IT Services Provider Selecting your Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) also known as Outsourced IT Provider is becoming more challenging as more and more companies are popping into the marketplace.  It’s important to have a good look when selecting a MSP as they may have little to no experience, or the ability to support multiple businesses with the appropriate level of support. What should you look for in an MSP? Here are some quick questions you should consider, in no particular order to help you pick the appropriate partner: Have they been in business for Read more