Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting from System Architects covers a comprehensive range of Microsoft product lines and enterprise technologies and services, all made available on flexible per-month plans.

Everything is operated in a private shared environment owned by System Architects, which brings economies of scale that most organizations just can’t achieve otherwise. And System Architects data centres are located in Greater Toronto Area at 151 Front Street and Hwy 404 & Hwy 7 so you’re never far from the action.

Review our Private Cloud offering and use the “Shop” feature to price out and purchase your business’s Private Cloud.

Private Cloud Hosting


151 Front Street
Hwy 404 & Hwy 7


Yes, 24/7/365


Monthly, No Fixed-term

We are located in Toronto, Canada so you can see your Cloud.
Have our trained staff help you configure your Cloud at no extra cost.
We monitor and manage your Cloud 24/7 so you don’t need to.
*Terms and conditions may apply, please contact System Architects to learn more
What is Private Cloud Hosting?

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private Cloud Hosting is System Architects’ exclusively designed Cloud, which is designed to allow our clients to leverage benefits such as cost savings, easy deployment and usage based billing.

Why should my business use System Architects Private Cloud vs other Cloud services?

Cloud Host has many benefits over traditional hosting except control and security, but with System Architects’ Private Cloud, designed exclusively for our clients, you get the greatest level of security and control.

Can I see your Private Cloud?

YES, System Architects’ Private Cloud is located in Toronto at our two data centers, so it’s never far from your business.

Do I have to own the software to run on your cloud?

We have a wide range of Windows software that can run on our Cloud on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

How can you provide the Microsoft Software on a monthly usage model?

System Architects has a Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement this allows us to provide the software to our customers on a monthly usage model.

What happens if I no longer need to use my Private Cloud?

That’s the best part, when you no longer need your Private Cloud it shuts down and you are no longer billed for it.

Does the Private Cloud include Hydro in the price?

YES it does.

Can I share the bandwidth between my servers in the cloud?

YES you can.

Can I configure the Firewall for my specific needs?

YES you can, each cloud gets its own firewall.

How do I get my Private cloud up and running?

Simply give us a call at 416-226-3240 and we will take care of everything. If you would like us to contact you, just fill in the contact form.