Run your most demanding software with the world’s most powerful workstations

Powerful ideas deserve powerful workstations.

Are slow workstations curbing your company’s innovation? 

If your employees are thinking faster than their workstations, you could be missing out on the next big idea. Help your workforce bring its visions to life and accomplish goals faster and easier with the world’s most powerful workstations, the new family of Dell Precision workstations, powered by Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors. Available with Windows 8 Pro, new Dell Precision tower, rack and mobile workstations can take the most demanding professional software to new heights. Dell Precision Family Workstations

Introducing Dell’s new family of workstations

Meet the next generation of the world’s most powerful workstations — Dell Precision™ tower, rack and mobile workstations. Get the power to run your professional-grade software with superior performance, speed and reliability.
  • Independent software vendor (ISV) certification that delivers peace of mind, knowing your workstations can handle even the most demanding software.
  • Ultimate power for the most demanding industry software, with a system powered by Intel® Core™ or Intel® Xeon® processors and available with Windows 8 Pro.
  • Next-generation professional-grade discrete graphics from AMD or NVIDIA, with up to 32GB 1600MHz or 16GB 1866MHz processing power.
  • Best-in-class accessories, including the award-winning Dell UltraSharp™ monitor.

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