Be Lean & Stay Lean – Learn how to reduce IT costs and make the most out of your IT investment

Be Lean & Stay Lean

Learn how to reduce IT costs and make the most out of your IT investment

Most businesses we talk to today are struggling to accomplish more with fewer resources. Virtualization and cloud technologies can help by cutting costs, maximizing your IT investments, and helping you grow your business without spending a cent more than needed. And now this is a reality for small and midsize businesses.
Here are 3 ways you can benefit:

1.Cut costs and get the most out of your server hardware 

Most businesses have a dedicated server for each of their line-of-business applications, such as payroll and CRM programs. With virtualization included in Windows Server 2012, you can run more applications on a single server, helping you save on hardware costs and power bills.

2.Know you’re open for business, even if disaster strikes 

Forty percent of businesses never reopen when disaster strikes1. Whether it’s a flood, fire, or a break-in, running Windows Server 2012 gives you peace of mind that you can recover quickly and minimize data loss with built-in technology that replicates all of the information on your server—and then copies any changes every five minutes.

3. Get easy, cost-effective data storage

You work with all kinds of files and data today, from presentations, spreadsheets, to photos and videos. Make sure you always have plenty of space to store and access your files—and control who can access what—without spending a fortune for a storage solution.

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1 Federal Emergency Management Agency,
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