Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD System ArchitectsBring Your Own Device also known as BYOD allows your employees to access solutions through their own preferred devices whether it’s a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Windows, Mac or Android. This surprisingly has a lasting effect with your employees’ job satisfaction. Possibly the most important benefit, is the reduction in the CapEx and OpEx of the organization. Budgeting for these becomes much more manageable with employees performing a lot of the maintenance for themselves.

Like everything else in technology, there are pros and cons. With the ability to access information anywhere, comes new challenges including protecting sensitive information and keeping up with all of the different devices and technologies.

With the changes to the landscape, new challenges do arise when managing IT solutions. That’s where experience and the ability to be flexible comes to the forefront. Managing your IT solutions has become more of a balancing act for many organizations. The trend in a lot of sectors seems to show that companies prefer to have their IT services managed externally by professionals, rather than an in house IT team.

The experience and flexibility afforded by these third MSPs like System Architects allows organizations to focus on innovating. It breaks down a lot of barriers for companies by reducing their CapEx and OpEx, instead of spending vast amounts of resources, training and updating, trying to keep up with technology and security. Technology and security never sleeps and taking your eyes off of it can have disastrous effects. The time and capital saved by switching to a managed service provider like System Architects Inc., can then be diverted to innovating.

Innovating means many things to many people, it can mean spending resources on marketing their products or services, or investing in research and development. Whatever it means to the individual organization in the end means focusing their time and money on the ‘important things’.

Written by:
Justin Roopnarine
System Architects Inc.

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