Managed IT Service

System Architects’ Managed IT Service is part of a comprehensive outsourced IT support model that provide clients with remote and onsite support at a low cost, hourly rate. Clients benefit from the flexibility of the service with the ability to access resources for projects and moves when they arise. Clients also benefit from SA’s key partnerships with all major IT vendors and distributors. Finding the right products and services help clients save time and money and allows them to focus on their business goals.

Proactive & Preventative IT Maintenance

Even though managed IT service comprises of reactive, proactive and strategic forms of support, the key is the proactive form. Having a good proactive support plan in place makes the others easier manage. The more proactive support you have the less reactive issues your company will incur and in-turn the less downtime you will have. Having regular maintenance and constantly monitoring your IT environment makes budgeting easier and replacing hardware and software can be planned to reduce your downtime. While not every issue can be foreseen System Architects’ Managed IT Support staff makes every effort to reduce these issues.

Key Partnerships

System Architects over the 17 years in business has formed key partnerships with all the major vendors in the IT. Dell, HP, Lenovo, EMC, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Intel, Check Point, Citrix, Cisco and Sophos are just some of the partnerships System Architects has, these partners are very important in several ways. Some of the benefits are quicker access to support, demo programs and training, access to specialist in hardware and software and most importantly, clients see significant discounts on hardware and software. Office 365

24/7 Monitoring

Clients have peace of mind knowing that their environment is monitored 24/7 and SA always has staff on call in case issue occurs after business hours. While issues that would be considered severe rarely occur it is never taken lightly and having proper procedures in place if/when they arise is important to ensure clients are back up and running as quickly to reduce any downtime. Having the right support with SA ensures this not to mention having the right vendor support packages also makes this as painless as possible.

Customized Support Coverage

System Architects’ clients each have their own customized support package. No one client is the same and SA understands that have a cookie cutter method does not work when it comes to Outsourced IT Services. Clients are always being assessed, which assures clients are receiving the right types of support services. Managed IT Support is much more than a help desk taking calls and SA understands this and has many of the supporting services and partnerships that allow our clients to receive a more comprehensive Outsourced IT support experience. Anything from custom software development to VoIP services SA provides a more end to end structure than your typical MSP, and clients enjoy the benefits of having their services bundled into one cost effective solution. outsourced_it_homepage

Customized Support Process

Clients have a lot of input of how their support is delivered. Clients vary in many ways and have different management structures. Some clients have their internal IT support and utilizes SA very differently than clients which have no internal IT staff. Some clients are managed from head offices in other countries and only require boots on the ground support. All clients benefit from SA’s partnerships which ensure clients get the right products and services quickly, efficiently and at a low price. Processes are always important and laying out the right process for your company is key to provide the best service and clients are kept involved in these processes. Some clients enjoy the hands off approach but always has the ability to receive updates, summaries and any other information as they see fit. Clients with internal IT are more hands on and can dictate what support is required and when. Whatever your company’s IT challenges SA’s Technicians, Developers, Account Executives, Consultants and their key partnerships ensure clients receive all the necessary IT support, products and services in a quick, efficient and at a low cost.

Written by:
Justin Roopnarine
System Architects Inc.
  • I cannot express my gratitude and simply the best IT experience I’ve had in my professional career.

    Thank you for everything and your continuous support. I and the AIC team in Toronto, we truly appreciate it.

    Flavia, AIC Team in Toronto

  • System Architects… A truly committed team who are reliable and responsive and just great to work with.
    They have never let us down and I would highly recommend them.

    Corinne, GlobeScan

  • I was lucky enough to have System Architects help me restore my data.

    Michael, Madison Clinic

  • Worked closely with them, professional, personal and helpful. Love their services!

    Penny, GlobeScan

  • System Architects Inc. are professional, innovative and committed to making their community stronger. It is a pleasure to work with them and we value their partnership.

    Sherri, Brant Community Healthcare System

  • Great service over our previous provider.

    Matthew, SelfStore

  • Partnering with System Architects (SA) was the absolutely right thing to do.

    Kathy, Maplelea

  • We have worked with System Architects for many, many years, they are more than an IT company, they really put the needs of the customers above anything else.

    Chantal, Adler Centre For Learning

  • Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine partners with System Architects to enhance their IT capabilities.

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