Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

There are many reasons why Cloud Hosting has become so very popular. With increased capabilities in hardware performance, higher data transmission speeds, cheaper storage, smaller devices and environmental ramifications are just some of the reasons cloud solutions are trending. For everyday personal and some business use public cloud storage is a great option for users. It is typically cheap, accessible from anywhere and compatible with more and more devices.

There are downsides to using a public cloud solution:

Lower Security and Privacy
Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and HIPAA compliance is not possible with a shared public infrastructure. Security and privacy are not typically up to industry standards and best practices for companies with these types of solutions. Data breaches and cyber-attacks are much more common place in these environments.

Less Control
Customization in a public cloud is much more difficult, you can’t select the hardware, cache or storage performance (SATA or SAS). You are confined to what your provider decides to use for its hardware and network in its cloud environment.

Less Reliability
Downtimes and upgrades to the system can affect productivity in all cases but more so in a public environment. Service interruptions are not scheduled around your schedule and can cause disruptions to your business.

Management of these environments have many more variables and hurdles and cause a strain on your Managed IT Support. Companies like the idea of hosting their IT environment but many times they don’t consider that these environments need to be managed like any other IT infrastructure.

Private cloud computing has several benefits:
Private cloud hosting by definition is an IT environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to a single client or company.

Higher Security and Privacy
Location is a key when it comes to data. Knowing where your data is being hosted is very important for many industries for compliance and security reasons. System Architects Private Cloud Hosting provides the security and keeps your data within Canada with its two Data Centres located in Toronto.

More Control
A simple call to your System Architects’ Account Executive gives you the ability to increase memory, storage or even bandwidth in your hosted environment. The flexibility is much more fluid and with the added benefit of System Architects’ Microsoft and Veeam partnerships allow clients to be flexible with their software licences as well. Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement allows System Architects Inc. to provide their clients with licenses on a thirty day cycle limiting the cost of purchasing unutilized or underutilized licenses.

Cost and Energy Efficiency
The savings on hardware procurement is a benefit that everyone can see firsthand, but there are many more ways companies save by having their IT environment partially or fully hosted. Reduction in the cost of insurance as well as the saving in electricity can be significant.

Improved Reliability
Redundancies offered at Data Centres far exceed what is feasible at most companies. Having redundant power with diesel generators, additional cooling, redundant internet and failovers are just some of the benefits that can be very expensive for companies to replicate by themselves.

Written by:
Justin Roopnarine
System Architects Inc.
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