Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small and Medium Businesses

All businesses are looking for ways to reduce cost and increase profit but that does not eliminate the need for practices that will improve and grow your business. There are few people who have the expertise to manage IT environments and because of that a certain percentage of budgets should be allocated to IT infrastructure and maintenance. This is where Outsourced IT Services benefit small and medium businesses. Below are some of the main reasons companies are turning to Outsourced IT Support to help manage their IT environment and reduce cost.

Competitive Prices

In most cases when you want to hire a Managed IT Services Provider, like System Architects. A solutions consultant will visit your office and discuss processes and the current state of supporting technology to determine what services are required. Once there is an understanding of the environment a solution is designed that may offer   options that may include managed IT support, cloud services and VoIP solutions. The goal for an MSP like System Architects is to provide an end to end managed IT support and services solution that will be cost effective and enhance your company’s IT environment.


Businesses need to make sure they are working at full capacity all the time. Downtime can be detrimental to any small or midsize business. Managed IT Services can quickly repair and fix problems when they happen and act as a proactive measure to spot and treat potential problems before they have an impact on productivity. homepage_big

Internal IT Department

Many businesses do not have the budget or the resources needed to support an IT department. The majority of businesses can benefit from adding the expertise, tools and availability of a Managed IT Services Provider to help support their IT needs. The other key element that even if you have an internal IT department there are some other services that MSPs provide that your internal staff won’t have the ability or the budget to do. Hardware and Software procurement is a big cost and utilizing an MSP like SA and its numerous partnerships with all the major vendors can save a significant amount. There are other services like cloud hosting and VoIP that are just much cheaper and increases uptime if outsourced.

Remote Support

Managed IT Services Providers work from a remote location most of time and provide desktop, email, back-up and recovery support services. These services in the majority of cases have no impact in the day to day activities of all employees. Security is a big concern for business owners. As a Managed IT Service Provider, System Architects continues to prove its value. Clients are benefiting not only on the technical expertise SA brings but also the business solutions and recommendations they provide that makes their IT environment flexible, versatile and cost effective without reducing productivity. Managed IT Services Providers continue to improve technology to provide secure, quality services for businesses of all sizes.

Written by:

Rabih Nassif

System Architects Inc.

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